With the current trends in crime, we understand the need to protect vacant properties. Unfortunately these days, people will snip a few inches of copper to make a few dollars.  This could cost you thousands of dollars to repair. Or, even worse, criminals break in and steal appliances from an under-construction or for-sale home. We have created a new program to help protect your homes under construction. Home builders and developers of all sizes are welcome to partner up with us and secure your properties. Remote management is key. All of our systems can be armed or disarmed from ANY internet-enabled device. This means phone apps/browsers, tablet apps/browsers, laptop browsers, or desktop browsers. This puts you in complete control of the property at all times, no matter where you are.

Here are some of the key benefits to using us to secure your vacant properties These features are included with ALL packages:

  • Arming Reminders – Your subcontractors have finished their work for the day. Now the property is empty. Did they remember to arm it back? You can pick a time to be notified and our system will text you letting you know it is not currently armed. You can then secure your property right from your phone. The reminder text can be sent to as many people as you wish. If the property was secured, you wont receive the text. Never have another night with your property unsecured!
  • 1 Login and 1 Password – Thanks to multi-system login capabilities, all of your properties can be accessed with just one login and password. No need to create different ones for every property. You may have as many logins as your company may need. Maybe one for the Realtor, one for the hvac contractor and one  for the project manager. You can add and remove users as needed without having to contact us.
  • Arming/Disarming Notifications – Do you want to be notified when the electrical contractor comes and goes or when the realtors come and go, showing the property? This is no problem.  You can get an instant text when people arm and disarm the system.
  • No Giving Out Codes – With our system, there is no need to give out your user code (which is usually the same on every property). Simply have them call you on the way to the property, disarm the system from your phone and they are good to go.